Superb quality from Northern Cherries Inc.


At Northern Cherries, supplying superior quality cherries to our customers is our main priority. Food safety is an important factor, both on the farms where the cherries are grown, as well as at the packing facility where our cherries are prepared for shipping.

Compliance and Certification

  • We comply with all Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) food safety laws
  • We are certified by GLOBAL GAP, one of the most widely accepted food safety certifications in the world.
  • Global GAP and CFIA audit our packing facility on a regular basis to ensure food safety.

Educating our Staff

At Northern Cherries Inc, we ensure a healthy work place for our workers by educating them about the Province of British Columbia's WorkSafe BC requirements, the Canadian Government CFIA laws, as well as safe farm practices and proper agricultural practices.